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P. Dennis Pusateri, Esq.

  Dennis Pusateri graduated cum laude from the Capital University School of Law and was admitted to the Ohio Bar in 1977.  He accepted a position on the Franklin County Public Defender's trial staff and, due to his impressive record of jury trial acquittals, was rapidly promoted from the municipal trial staff to the felony trial unit.
  Upon leaving the Franklin County Public Defender's office in 1979, Mr. Pusateri returned to his home town, Wilmington, Ohio, and continued his father's private law practice, while continuing his impressive record as a criminal defense trial attorney.  In 1983, he returned to Columbus and established his own criminal defense law practice.  In 1990, Mr. Pusateri merged his law practice with that of luminary criminal defense specialists Gary Schweickart, Esq., Gerald G. Simmons, Esq., and Lewis E. Williams, Esq.  Mr. Pusateri has successfully defended numerous death penalty cases—none of his clients were sentenced to death.
  In 1996, Mr. Pusateri was asked by James Kura, Esq. to serve as counsel for Kura & Wilford Co., L.P.A., and accepted Mr. Kura's offer.  Mr. Pusateri concentrates on criminal trial defense, but also does appeals in criminal cases. He currently consults with Barry W. Wilford, Esq. on Kura & Wilford cases, and accepts special Kura & Wilford case assignments on a case-by-case basis.


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